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WMM Canada Newsletter #2
October 10, 2012

A. Another Successful WMM Canada Meeting in Toronto
B. Next WMM Canada Night: October 24
C. Calling for Writers / Readers for Oct. 24!
D. Casting / Member Database
E. Your New We Make Movies Profile
F. Call for 1-Minute / 1-Page Scripts

G. Team Building
H. The Work of our Community Members
I. How We Make Movies - WMM LA
J. Production / Casting Needs

A. Another successful We Make Movies Canada Meeting in Toronto

Another great Screenplay Reading Night in Toronto on September 26th! Thanks to those people who were able to make it out to our second We Make Movies Canada meeting at The Cadillac Lounge in Toronto (thanks also to the Manager of The Caddy, Sam Grosso and his awesome staff there for hosting us)! We had another great turn-out - over 40 people again!

I would especially like to thank the writers who shared their work with us and let us contribute to the further development of their scripts - James Russell (Short film - The Swarming), Tony Sekulich (TV Series - The New Twenty), Amanda Terfloth (One-Act play- Mass Appeal) and Dimetre Alexiou (Short film - Clay Daniels). I would also like to thank the 25 actors who shared their talents reading these scripts for our writers.


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B. Next WMM Canada Night: October 24

The WMM Canada Night is Screenplay Reading / Writer's Workshop that is central activity of our community - to help develop scripts and move them toward productions that are cast and crewed by the community.

Next Workshop Date and Time:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
7:30 pm

Venue: The Cadillac Lounge
1296 Queen St West 

Toronto, ON M6K1L4

(west of Dufferin on the north side Queen)

Location: We will be in the back of the club, in the room with the sliding garage doors,
adjacent to the patio.

Note on Venue Accessibility:
Currently we’re holding our meetings at The Cadillac Lounge, and while there is a step-less entrance for people using mobility devices, their washrooms will not accommodate a wheelchair. At present we have come up short in finding an accessible venue that is suitable for our needs. If you know of a venue that would be amenable to having our 40+ member meetings (and the proceeds that go along with that!), we’d very much like to hear from you.

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C. Calling for Writers / Readers for October 24!

WRITERS: Interested in having your work read at the WMM Canada Night on October 24 ?

- Deadline for Script Submissions is Sunday, October 14, 2012

- please drop us an email at workshops@wemakemoviescanada.com with the subject line: SUBMISSION.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions are accepted first from WMM Members (basic membership criteria is that you have been to a meeting already). Submissions also accepted with a Member Referral (have the Member email on your behalf and we will get in touch with you).. Scripts are generally accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please limit your submission to 15 pages (If you have a longer, complete piece, we may be able to negotiate that): A suggestion for selecting which 15 pages, choose the pages that you would most benefit from having read aloud. It doesn't have to be in sequence ... It could be a series of scenes from the same piece.
  • PDF format preferred
  • Writers are to provide a hardcopy of the script for each actor on the night of the reading (if the actor only appears in a limited number of scenes / pages, you may provide only the pages that the character appears in).


ACTORS: Interested in reading at We Make Movies Canada Night on October 24 ?

- Deadline for Reader Submissions is Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Submission Guidelines:

  • Complete the Casting / Membership Form below in the next section entitled "Casting / Member Database". Some of the info requested below is required for casting (if you have not previously supplied it). In order to cast you, we need to have links to your headshots, reel and resume online. Even if you are already in our casting database, please fill out the first part of the form to indicate you want to be a reader.

  • Reader Submissions are accepted first from WMM Members (basic membership criteria is that you have been to a meeting already). Reader Submissions also accepted with a Member Referral (have the Member email on your behalf and we will get in touch with you). Readers are generally cast on a first-come-first-served basis with consideration for appropriate age and type casting.


  • Writers, we will be holding another "We Make Movies Canada Night" at The Cadillac Lounge on November 14th. Keep the date in mind and if you would rather submit for that Screenplay Reading Night, drop us a line workshops@wemakemoviescanada.com .

  • Actors, we will need you to submit for each Screenplay Reading Night separately. Due to people's changing schedules, we can't accommodate "standing orders" to read each time. If you don't submit for any given Screenplay Reading Night, we have to assume that you are not available. Thanks!

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D. Casting / Member Database:

The Google Form below is for those who wish to be featured as a writer or a reader or for those interested in joining the community. There are a couple different sections (depending on your answer to initial questions). Please complete it as fully as you can - it really helps us with casting screenplay readings, featuring our writers and keeping in touch with our members.

After you hit the Submit button, you will remain on this newsletter page and should see a grey box where the form used to be, but if you scroll up a bit you will see a message that your response has been recorded.

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E. Your New We Make Movies Profile

Anyone who has been to a We Make Movies Canada meeting is invited to create an online profile on our new membership site:


On this site, you can upload your headshots and other pics, as well as links to your online materials (ie. reels, production websites, etc.). Having a profile will help you connect with other community members, and enable you to reach out and be visible to our Los Angeles community. If you don't currently have an actor website with your headshots and reel, your profile can really be useful for casting purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is in beta and we are developing a way to idenfify WMM members in Toronto distinctly, but until this programming has been completed, when filling out your profile, PLEASE SELF-IDENTIFY AS A WMM CANADA MEMBER AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR BIO SOMEWHERE.

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F. Call for 1-Minute / 1-Page Scripts

WMM Canada is currently searching for 1-minute scripts for our inaugural production.

Have a fast and dirty idea that you’d like to get produced?

Have a super-short script that you think has ‘legs’?

Send along a short description of the piece and how you envision it getting shot to workshops@wemakemoviescanada.com (subject line = 1-Minute Movie Submission. We’ll read it publicly at our November 14th script reading. Final decisions will be made by our board of directors based on audience feedback, viability and adherence to the WMM mandate.

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G. Team Building

Our team is growing!! Thanks to several WMM.CA members who have stepped forward to help build the community:

  • Greg Barry takes on the role of House Manager / Event Planner.

  • Jonathan Lewis, David Frisch and Kat Germain will join the casting team as Casting Assistants / Script Reading Facilitators.

As we move forward with WMM Canada, there are still a number of key roles which need to be filled that will help build the community:

  • Social Media Director: leads our use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media to build community and extend our network.

  • Media Specialist: manages the audio / video recording of readings and events (editing and uploading as necessary).

  • Communications: leads in the crafting of our marketing and general communications with our group and the film community generally.

  • Sponsorship / Funding Director: leads the community toward various funding sources; will solicit corporate sponsorship of the community or of specific events; will lead funding initiatives, ie. crowd-funding campaigns like Kickstarter, and the writing of grant proposals.

If anyone is interested in any of the following roles, drop me an email at michael@wemakemoviescanada.com.

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H. The Work of our Community Members

I thought it would be a good idea to ask our members if they are interested in sharing their work online. I would like to start a page that features our members' films that are available to view online. This way we can share and promote your work but also show the calibre of the talent that we have in our group. This might be used to show the potential of our group to possible investors or funding agencies as we are looking for ways to bring some operating capital to We Make Movies Canada, to help us with things like venue and printing costs. If you would like to share your work online, email your link to michael@wemakemoviescanada.com.

We are currently planning a screening night for a more public sharing of the film work of our members. If you have a film you have produced or in which you have a lead role as an actor that you would like to have screened, email me at michael@wemakemoviescanada.com to express your interest and give me some info on the film (re: your involvement, running time, etc.)

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I. How We Make Movies - WMM LA

Our "Sister Group" in Los Angeles has been producing a podcast called How We Make Movies which is a Q&A interview series with indie filmmakers (and other industry professionals) who share their insights and experience in the industry. It has been available on iTunes for some time (Subscribe at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/how-we-make-movies/id521581466). However, they have also been videotaping these sessions and they are now available at themovieswemake.com.

Check out the very first How We Make Movies Podcast with the founders of We Make Movies - Sam Mestman, Tara Samuel and Joe Leonard:

The full version of the interview is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP-2CpwpwNA&feature=relmfu

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J. Production / Casting Needs

Submit your production and casting needs for your latest project by clicking here

... and to check out who's hiring within our community, click here for production and click here for casting.

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