Teaching Through Drama

In course 3009 and course 4356, the researching and devising of a drama approach to education program is the central experience around which, all other elements of the courses relate. Below are a beginning selection of programs presented as titles with desciptions of the major conventions.

Grade Level  Subject Area Title and Description  Teacher Role(s) Student View Point(s)
Grade 1-2Citizen concerned about weather after watching last evening's forecast A study of current Labrador weather and climate changes hunter
Grade 2
Animals in Northern LabradorTeacher as IllustratorArtist
Grade 3Fairytales
Hidden messages in Fairytales
How can children use critical thinking to control what influences their lives?
Charles Perraultnewspaper journalists
Grade 3
Social Studies
Animal Rights
A holistic study of the life of the gorilla through the 'lens' of a photojournalist
National Geographic photojournalistphotojournalists
Grade 4
Social Studies
Technology of the past
Art and Science
A study of prisims, light and reflection
The Dimishing Light

A study of the Point Armour Lighthouse and it's importance to the lives of those who live in Southern Labrador

Old Mr. Sheppard, the ligthhoue keeper at Point Armour

Mr. Wyatt, lighthouse keeper in 1922
Artists who are sketching Old Mr. Davis
Grade 4 - 6
Social Studies
Low Level Flying in Labrador

An investigation of controversial environmental issues
Photographer for National Geographic

Mary Ashtunan, Innu
Journalists who are colleagues of the photographer
Elementary 4-6
Social Studies
The Beothuck Way of Life

Set in 1823, this study involves a gathering of information about the Beothucks
Reporter for the governor

Assistant to reseach party

Beothuck adult
Researchers who report to the governor
Grade 5
Social Studies
Langauge Arts
[also based on novel used in grade 9]
Beothuck in a White Man's World

Study of racism

"Why did the Beothucks struggle so hard in a white man's world?"
Henry Finn, a white hunterBeothuck Indians

journal keeper
Social Studies
The Cabin" A study of the wildlife in the habitat of Labrador. This study involves a telling of stories through 'diary entries' written by visitors on the walls of a woods cabin over the years Story teller

Mr. Broomfield, a visitor to the cabin in 1970
Junior High
Social Studies
Environmental Issues
The Golf Course

How pesticides and fertilizer affect our environment

Exploration of values surrounding the use of the environment for recreation
Randy Drover, A citizen living next door to a golf course

Susan Winter, environmentalist

Jason Green, course owner

Brian Burke, golfer


Media personnel
Elementary ClassesImmigration

A study of perceptions and attitudes towards Chinese immigrants to Canada

A study of the role Chinese immigrants played in building the railroad
Shipping Merchant, Mr. Singh

Immigration Officer Mr. Adams

Mr. Jones, bank manager


Immigration Officer in Chinatown

Mr. Lee, a Chinese resident in Chinatown

Yip Sang, employment officer with the CPR

Mr. Onderdonk, in charge of building the CPR
Unemployed Chinese workers

Immigrant to the United States

American gold miners in California

Potential Klondike gold miners

Immigrants to Canada

Chinese labourers for the CPR

European labourers for the CPR

Chinese gold miner
Grade 5
Language Arts
Social Studies
Tutankhamun (1361-1352) Developing a sense of the cultural milieu of the ancient Egyptians throught a study of the Old Testament Howard Carter (discoverer of Tutankhamun's tomb)

Abdul Ali, Howard Carter's Egyptian Servant
Howard Carter's exacavation team who go to Egypt in 1922
Grade 5
Social Studies
" Enough Fish for 500 Years"

A study of Newfoundland culture and history tied to the cod fishery
John Cabot

Sir Thomas Squires

Roland Carter, Catholic Priest

John Crosbie
Crew members

Early Settlers


Fishermen and families of fishermen
Social Studies
Arranged Marriages Among the Innu of Labrador

An historical setting is used to contrast present day and past definitions of suitability of marriage partners. A marriage can be used as a 'lens' to view changing life styles.
Grandmother of a young womanYoung men and women involved in arranged marriages

Parents of young people
Social Studies
Use of natural resources as heating fuel

Students are confronted with an explosion in a natural gas field.

Communication office
Members of an environmental team
Grade Five
Social Studies
'One Mistake is all it Takes - Challenger'
Children are presented with a recurring theme, "What happens when one member of a team fails to do their portion of the work?" When students take a journey back through time, they are asked to design a space suit.
Receiver of devastating news

Design Production Manager, Dr. Judy Strong
Curious observers Team of designers
Grade 6
Social Studies
Great Explorers
A study of Peary's expedition to reach the North Pole.
Robert Peary

Henson, Peary's personal assistant
Great Explorers Captain Robert Bartlett

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