The Curricular Integration of Information Technology in the Secondary School System

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Overview of Internship Report Background to the Internship Educational Technology in Britain Rationale for the Internship Internship Activities The Research Component Overview of the Report Chapter 2: Critical / Reflective Journal April 30, 1996 May 7, 1996 May 8, 1996 May 9, 1996 May 20, 1996 May 22, 1996 May 23, 1996 June 3, 1996 June 6, 1996 June 26, 1996 July 18, 1996 Chapter 3: The Curricular Use of Information Technology: Discrete Delivery or Cross-Curricular Integration Background and Rationale Review of the Literature Method Participants Instrumentation Procedure Discussion of Results Limitations of the Study Recommendations Summary Bibliography Appendix A: Curriculum Unit - word-processing


I wish to gratefully acknowledge the support of several people without whose help this report would not have been possible. First, the assistance, encouragement, enthusiasm and enduring patience of Mr. Brian Appleby at St. John's Comprehensive School in Epping, Essex County was indispensible. Also, Brian's continued email contact since this study was concluded has been helpful and inspiring. His wife, Brenda, must also be thanked for her encouragement, cheerfulness and good humor. The hospitality of both these individuals was unsurpassed. I am also appreciative of the assistance given by Dr. George Haché of the Education Faculty at Memorial University for taking on the project well after its commencement. His insight and analytical reading ensured that the final draft was of the best possible quality. In addition, I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Clar Doyle and Dr. Gary Jeffrey, also of the Education Faculty of Memorial, for agreeing to be the internal readers of this document. Finally, to Sherry, for her ready smile and endless support of all that I do.
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