I have designed this page (with thanks to an original collection of links by Andrew Draskoy) to be a collection of links to all things Newfoundland. However, as Newfoundland online resources proliferate, it is difficult to keep it up to date to reflect "all things Newfoundland" on the Web. To compensate, there are links to search engines focused on Newfoundland-based material. However, if you have any interesting links related to Newfoundland that you think should be included,
email the web address to me.

First Things First

Where is Newfoundland?

Come Visit Us ... Between a Rock and a Great Place

Sorry about the "Who Wants to be a Newfoundlander" Game Website link which I had here for a while before realizeing that, apparently, someone has surrendered the http://www.whowantstobeanewfoundlander.com/ address to the porn lords!! Idiots!!

Provincial Educational and Government Organizations

Newfoundland and Labrador Cultural Celebrations
Net Resources of Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland History and Heritage

Newfoundland Character
Newfoundland Music


Newfoundland Tourist Information


Echoes of Newfoundland Nationhood

Images of Newfoundland


Newfoundland Authors & Literature

Newfoundland Artists

Newfoundland Art Galleries

Newfoundland E-zines and Humor

Newfoundland Newspapers

Newfoundland Search Engines / Link Directories

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If you can't find the community you are looking for, try the
Centre for Newfoundland Studies Communities Page

The Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Community Access Program (CNL-CAP) is a joint initiative of the federal and provincial governments to help people in communities across Newfoundland and Labrador achieve the economic and social benefits that are available through the worldwide Information Highway.

Visit the over 100 CAP site Webpages for Communities in Newfoundland

Other Newfoundland Communities?

If you know of another Newfoundland community represented on the Internet, please send me information at

Native Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador:

Newfoundland Newsgroups

Any More Questions?

Ask a Newfoundland Question - a free service of offered by the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, a division of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Libraries.

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